Teach Rosaries in the Schools


Belize elementary school, Belize City
St. Joseph RC School, Belize City

Rosary Workshops

Our Rosary Mission gives workshops to groups who are interested in learning how to make rosaries. For example, we traveled to San Pedro Ambergris Caye to teach the  San Pedro Legion of May Group how to make rosaries.   We also traveled to Valley of Peace to teach the Women’s Group how to make rosaries. 

Teach Adults and Children How to Make Rosaries in Our Home

Create Custom and Specialized Rosaries and Chaplets


Repair Rosaries

Distribute Supplies to the Needy



Mentor Youth

My name is Jayne Faux, a 17-year-old student who is currently attending Saint John's Junior College. I live in Benque Viejo del Carmen Town with my mother. I have always struggled with understanding the processes of many services in the world, such as community service and helping others grow closer to the best version of themselves. But luckily, I had mentors, Ms. Manuela Lue was one of them. You see, mentoring is about sharing your knowledge, experience, and guiding others on the right path. Ms. Manuela was a Godsend, appearing like a light in the darkness, always there willing to help me with whatever obstacle I was facing.
Through this journey, I learned that mentoring is about helping and sharing. It is about helping others build their foundation, boosting their self-esteem, and giving them motivation. It is not only about guiding others but also about helping them to grow outside of their comfort zone. When I was younger, I was scared to speak in public, but with the help of Ms. Manuela,  I learned to love it.  She pushed me slowly to greater and greater heights;  it was there where I learned that flying high was the only option if I wanted to survive. Ms. Manuela challenged me; she helped me go beyond my boundaries. It was up to me if I was willing to refuse help.  God has always guided me through prayer.  Prayer helps me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. So don’t be afraid and soar high above the sky.


My name is Diany Leal, an 18 year old graduate of Sacred Heart Junior College.  I live in Santa Elena Town and was able to meet such a great mentor from Belize City,  Manuela Lue. I am forever grateful for having such a great role model by my side for the past four years. Throughout that period Manuela has formed a fundamental piece in shaping me into the person that I now am. I learnt that the major aspects of mentoring is to guide, encourage, provide emotional support to someone else and open doors to opportunities that I would not be able to open myself.

I was once one of the many underprivileged youths in Cayo. Back in 2014 my only vision was to graduate from high school and enter the workforce. However, a year later I became exposed to our great world of opportunities. I was engaged in a personal development and mentoring  program directed by Manuela. I created new goals for myself such as learning a new skill each school break, aiming for A’s in class and dedicating my time in community service. As part of the program I was engaged in fundraisers, cultural workshops and also participated in Trade events such as the Made in Belize Expo, Belize Chamber of Commerce Expo and Festival of Arts. I have traveled throughout Belize to learn more about handicraft making and I was nominated by Manuela for the International Diana Award which I won.  Manuela  helped me grow spiritually and she also helped me in exploring careers. I am driven to become a Human Resources Manager after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Coordinate Faith Building Workshops for Children



Prison Ministry

Our rosary mission travels to the prison once a month with a priest to teach the rosary to prisoners.



Street Evangelization

Our rosary mission goes to the parks and streets in Belize City to distribute rosaries and prayer cards and to speak to people about developing a relationship with God.

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